Tips for Quality Artwork Printing:

Armada, MI 2014

Every printer needs high resolution artwork. 600 dpi or better follows these simple rules when ordering an item that requires artwork printing.

Tip 1: Make sure your artwork is in vector format (AI, EPS, PDF). The text is saved with outlines and graphics should be a minimum of 600 dpi for the best print quality. The higher the dpi the better the print quality.
Tip 2: When printing with text make sure the text size is 6 point font or larger. Anything below 6 point font may not be printable or legible when printed.
Tip 3: If the artwork provided needs to be changed expect additional fees to come with those changes unless you make the changes yourself. Almost all companies will charge for graphics artwork changes to accommodate printing.

If your artwork is not in the following format (AI, EPS or a PDF) you may have poor quality artwork.  Depending on the project your product may look fuzzy, illegible or show additional marks in print.  If you are unsure you can always ask your vendor to verify if the artwork is an acceptable resolution for printing.