Healthy Life and a Balanced Mind

Trying to keep a balanced life is often difficult.  I found the key to having a happy, balanced life lie in relaxing releases.  I have several ways I release my mind from my daily tasks.  One way for me is bird watching.  I love bird watching.  Many think it’s boring, but I have found it to be quiet and relaxing.  Walking through nature hearing the rustling of the trees, the babbling of water and the birds chirping in the trees – in my mind, that’s nature at its best!  Living in a rural area, I enjoy quiet time in the woods.  I become relaxed almost immediately and have even found way to incorporate other hobbies, such as photography.  I enjoy walking along the trail with my camera, taking a quick picture of a unique looking flower, butterfly, tree, animal, bird, or even mushroom.  It’s not always the best shot, but the lasting memory that has been created of what I saw is beautiful to me.  Five minutes in the woods and I’m relaxed as can be, walking my stress and worries away.  This helps me to clear my mind and keep me focused and balanced.  The key to a balanced life is to take time for yourself.  All it takes is 10 minutes a day without any interruptions.  Find something you enjoy – a game, a puzzle, a walk, a book or even some time on the beach.  Finding time for yourself makes for a healthier mind and a happy you.