Handmade Soap by Natures Basic

I’m always looking for fun activities to try.  I decided to take a class on making soap at the local community college.  I loved it!  I quickly began making my own soap.  I started out making hot press soap.  Recently, I have tried my hand at cold press soap.  I like both methods, I prefer the cold press process better.  I made a few batches and had some friends and acquaintances try my soap and give me feedback.

Every time I make a batch of soap it’s different.  I love experimenting with the scents and colors.  I even make beer soap. I can’t wait to try making goat milk soap.  Now that I have made several batches, I have decided to start selling my creations.  If your interested in trying a bar check out my eBay store.   I will begin selling my soap on a trial basis under the name of Natures Basic.

If you are interested in checking out our soap listings you can click on the link below for each scent:

Nag Champa Beer Soap: 

Coffee Scented Beer Soap: 

Cinnamon Scented Beer Soap: 

Cold Press Cherry Almond Scented Soap:

Cold Press Lemongrass Scented Soap: