Do you Recycle?

I often wondered what can I do to keep our environment clean.  Then it dawned on me.  Recycling!  Our community had begun a recycling program.  I grumbled at first at how much extra work it would be.  It was really nothing extra to do.  I just needed to rinse and place in a box instead of the trash.  After two weeks, it was a habit.  I have taken those habits and incorporated them into my business in January, 2015.  We reuse our boxes and other shipping materials as much as possible.  It reduces waste and cuts costs.  We even participate with local organizations for road clean up.  Every little step helps.  It keeps our surrounding area clean as well as our work environment.  Who would want to work in a dirty environment.  I certainly don’t.  Next time you decide to throw a can away why not take the extra few seconds and recycle.